Type II Diabetes

    Many Type II diabetics have already found a new feeling of well being and improvement in health by using this simple cinnamon supplementation in their diet. Cinnamon has long been known as an “energizing spice, and it is likely that increasing the intake of this common and cheaply available food will benefit even non-diabetics, if used as daily energizing tonic.


The insulin resistance that leads to typeII diabetes develops relatively slowly as the body ages and even those who have not yet experienced severe symptoms may have some degree of elevated insulin resistance.   Cinnamon is also a rich source of magnesium, which is essential for maintaining bone density, electrolyte balance, certain enzyme functions and many other crucial

biochemical processes. Magnesium is also linked to the more dramatic forms of diabetes that occur earlier in life. Much research has been carried out to establish a metabolic defect in diabetics that  prevents the absorption of magnesium. As cinnamon provides a readily available source of  MHCP, magnesium and possibly other beneficial substances it seems like a very cost- effective way of offsetting future health problems related to glucose/insulin imbalances as we grow older.

Cinnamon can be bought inexpensively in a convenient powdered form at almost any food shop and taking it couldn’t be easier: just use up to a teaspoon a day in milkshakes or fruit  juice. I personally take a half-teaspoon daily in this way every morning and can confirm a distinct  energy benefit. Diabetics should always inform their doctor before taking cinnamon as it may affect medication requirements.